School Carnival 2018

Colombia is recognized by its large variety of festivals, carnivals and fairs. The Colombian carnival has incorporated elements from European culture as well as traditions that belonged to the African and Amerindian cultures of Colombia. The common characteristics of the festivals are the parades and a gastronomic festival.

Moreover, our country is home to some of the best festivals in the world, from huge carnivals and religious celebrations. In this opportunity, our school honored these festivals with a presentations made by students about their history and important events placed in these colorful festivities.

In fact, students, teachers and parents grouped in institutional houses (Camelot, Knights, Templars, Excalibur, Dragons and Sherwood forest); worked together with the purpose of showing the best of Barranquilla´s Carnival, Medellin Flower’s Fair, Cali´s fair, Blacks and whites carnival, Vallenato´s festival and San Pedro and San Pablo Festivities; those exhibitions were held with colorful decoration, the most representatives activities and traditions of each carnival.

You do not need to convince me that our country will use any excuse to celebrate and party. Colombian festivals are frequent and varied, all year long there is a town in Colombia celebrating something; in this time our school celebrated its 88th anniversary with all of them at the same time, in the same place.


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